Version XenWord Pro 2018.07.11 includes a simple alert sent to the user of a blog post. The next release will include the alert going to every member. It is currently being tested on this site. Please let me know via PM if you’d like to test it.

This WordPress article is a promotion of a thread already present in the forums. The thread ID is added to the WordPress post during writing. The Create or Edit Thread is checked and the original contents were replaced with the content in a summary field.

The thread view count is 2968

Posted by LPH

I am a neophyte developer wanting to share my experiences. My time is devoted to learning to teach physics. This means any plugin is only being updated during breaks. Please do not make any new purchases. Lifetime license holders will continue to have access to newly released versions.

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5 years ago
Looks good. No alert showed after this post was promoted to the WordPress post.