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  • Hey @LPH when you be interested in me paying you around $40 for you to make an in depth tutorial on creating xenforo 2 add ons for the xenforo 2 community in the 2.x.x development section? It would need to be specific for Xenforo 2 and include a video if possible and this would be sometime around late July > August that we would be doing this. Let me know if your interested.
    keep up the good work. I see you've posted some good tutorials. I'll keep checking back. Thanks for all the tips
    If you post some tutorials on creating XF2 add-ons I will definitely make it my mission to be active on your site. Studying the docs regarding the finder system. Quite frankly, I think it's amazing. You simply alter/create the columns or tables with setup.php and use the finder system to change the tables according to the rule set they give you. Granted I still have to learn the rest but it seems simple enough
    Added the questions addon. This marks two forums for questions only.
    Added the XenForo Resource Manager to the site. Categories are set. Some of the current threads need to be moved to resources.
    Rearranged the forum structure to separate out resources and tutorials from specific questions.
    Uploaded the new logo. The colors of the lines aren't matching the top band but the sizing is correct.
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