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Sniffing out the bugs

Site Redesign: Where’s WordPress?

This site is my testing ground. It’s a place for me to try different configurations and different ways to use XenWord and XenLate. Since XenWord is a simple bridge built as a WordPress plugin, then where is WordPress? After all, XenLate requires a WordPress installation, too.

Why not keep testing to a development server? Why use a “live” server?

Consider this site as the “beta” environment before releasing the product for others to use. In the past, I stuck with a development environment then releases. Unfortunately, within a little bit, someone would point out an issue. Something would be wrong.

By using this domain, I’m able to add in one more layer of testing before others attempt to install the plugin on their domain.

What’s the latest configuration and where is WordPress?

WordPress remains active on the domain, but the link has been removed from the XenForo navigation and the individual blog posts. This allows me to test creating blog posts in WordPress then having the posts show in XenForo as an article (a discussion type introduced in XenForo 2). Next, a page was added to show the latest posts. This page was routed to the front. Imagine WordPress being in the background for writing articles (it’s over 40% of the websites out there) but having XenForo as the front end. Imagine a custom page that you can design in XenForo tying the articles and forum posts together. You get to use WordPress and XenForo and you don’t have to worry about making the themes match!  How cool is that?

Now that the configuration is set on this site, the next step is to add the discussion type to the code. A meta box for the options will be created for the article, polling, and the default discussion type needs to be added to the code, too.

Classes for the spring begin tomorrow. My load is five different courses: physics, honors physics, AP Physics 1 and C, and third year engineering. I’ll be busy but I’m starting a semester in which the bulk of lesson planning is finished. This hasn’t been the case for years. There’s finally breathing room.

The next break is in February, and I have a few notes on some ideas. In the meantime, add your feature wishes to this thread. And special thanks to all of the kind emails. I know it’s been disappointing for some of you. You moved on and that’s fine. For those of you who are still using the product — wow. This project was started 8 years ago. Let’s make XenWord better.