XenWord Pro Lifetime License XenWord 2024-01-14 released

XenWord development continues on a very slow course. This version has been operating on tuxreports.com since the 14th.
  • Bug Fix: The Newspaper theme was modifying the author_id in the loop. Wrote a function to force original author_id to be used.
  • Connector.php getXenForo was rewritten so that it loads only once.
  • Updated Singleton pattern in xenword.php to load XenWordPro class.
  • Updated Singleton pattern in CoreLoader.php for Core files.
  • Updated Singleton pattern in WidgetsLoader.php for Widgets.
  • Changes to public.css - avatar in Toolbar.
  • Added "string" to XFComments.php useXenForoCommentHandler
  • Changed conditional in Avatars.php method getSelection.
  • Fixed parameter in getThreadIdForPost in Threads.php
  • Counts.php conditional changed
  • Posts.php changed conditional.