Beginners How to start developing XenForo 2 Add-ons


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Build a test development environment
Install XenForo 2
Install a text editor or Integrated Development Environment.

Using your favorite editor, start looking through the XenForo installation/src/ files to get a feel for the files
If you are new to PHP, then start going through the list of PHP resources provided on this site.
Install an add-on of your choice
Look at the directory structure for the add-on
Read the developer's documentation provided by XenForo
Read some of the tutorials in the development forum

Ready to Code
Start your own project. Keep it simple.
Get stuck - and search files with your editor.
Read and ask questions in the development forum
Keep a developer's notebook; recording questions, challenges, solutions. I prefer a paper-based 100-page composition book. You might consider setting up OneNote, Evernote, or Notability.
Keep snippets for future use and review

Learning to Debug
Xdebug should be enabled.
Developer's mode should be enabled.

Follow the links to the specifics for each of the principles.