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Beginners Integrated Development Environments (IDE)


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Integrated Development Environments (IDE)
A good IDE is vital to coding. You want to be able to read the code with a comfortable theme and set of colors, have code hints, and quickly search as well as compare files. My personal favorite is PhpStorm because there are numerous video tutorials available and Laracasts has a nice set of tutorials on setting up PhpStorm. A repository of plugins is also available.

Here is a screenshot of how my PhpStorm screen appears for one project that is open. I'm using the Menlo font with a size of 15. It's comfortable.

PhpStorm index.png

I also prefer to open PHP files in Atom as well as Sublime Text. Coda was my initial editor to use for coding XenWord; however, over the years I've used Adobe Dreamweaver, Frontpage, and numerous other products in the late 90s and early 2000s for HTML. A little time was spent with Visual Studio.

atom xf2 index.png

Windows users should consider NetBeans as an editor.

In terms of online editors, there is Collabedit.

Collab Edit.png