1. LPH

    XenWord March Changelog

    This thread is for the March 2022 changelog. The plan is to work through the known bugs - login redirect and userAlert.
  2. LPH

    Blog Post Site Redesign: Where's WordPress?

    This site is my testing ground. It's a place for me to try different configurations and different ways to use XenWord and XenLate. Since XenWord is a simple bridge built as a WordPress plugin, then where is WordPress? After all, XenLate requires a WordPress installation, too. Why not keep...
  3. LPH

    XenWord Pro 2019 Development Thread

    LPH submitted a new blog post Continue reading the Original Blog Post.
  4. LPH

    XenWord Pro Lifetime License 2019.05.03 released

    ( 29 ) 2019.05.03 - May 03, 2019 Updated Redux Framework to 3.6.15 Removed Legacy directory Removed XF1 options Legacy Connector Comment code moved to /src