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XenWord Pro Lifetime License 2019.05.03 released


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( 29 ) 2019.05.03 - May 03, 2019
Updated Redux Framework to 3.6.15
Removed Legacy directory
Removed XF1 options
Legacy Connector Comment code moved to /src


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Please understand that I have left the XenForo community. This release is nothing more than my making sure XenWord works with WP 5.1.1 and XF 2.1.x. I highly recommend that you test this bridge before placing it on a live website.

The legacy code for XF 1.5 has been removed. This is an XF 2.x version only.


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May 16th, question asked, above
Check in on May 22nd
Bump on May 31, 2019
This Bump on June 4, 2019

Would love to install the latest version (since the plug-in is no longer
working on WP 5.2, otherwise.)