XenWord Pro Lifetime License 2019.05.03 released

( 29 ) 2019.05.03 - May 03, 2019
Updated Redux Framework to 3.6.15
Removed Legacy directory
Removed XF1 options
Legacy Connector Comment code moved to /src


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Please understand that I have left the XenForo community. This release is nothing more than my making sure XenWord works with WP 5.1.1 and XF 2.1.x. I highly recommend that you test this bridge before placing it on a live website.

The legacy code for XF 1.5 has been removed. This is an XF 2.x version only.


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Lifetime License
It looks like my purchase history was not yet transferred to this "new" xendevelopement.com platform.

I have exactly the same issue. I can't buy another license either so I'm going to have to uninstall the plugin soon if I can't get access to update it. I've PM'd LPH