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This is my first attempt at creating a XenForo 2 addon. It is a XenForo widget which will pull the latest posts or pages from a WordPress installation. This addon should not require a bridge but the authors of the blog posts ID and user_id should match.

Set the absolute path
Set the widget title
Set the number of blog posts to show (Default=5)
Set the offset (Default = 0)
Set the post type (Default = post)

WordPress Blog Posts July 12 Alpha.png

Download the zip
Go to admin.php >> addons
Click on Install/Upgrade from archive
Go to Options >> XenLate
Set Absolute path
Go to widgets
Click +Add widget
Choose XenLate: Latest Blog Posts
Enter widget key: trn_xenlate

This addon is built for the default XenForo style. The CSS resides in widget_trn_xenlate_latestposts.css.

This is my first XenForo addon. It is free to use on any website. Please provide feedback and suggestions. Let me know if this works.
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