1. LPH

    Blog Post Site Redesign: Where's WordPress?

    This site is my testing ground. It's a place for me to try different configurations and different ways to use XenWord and XenLate. Since XenWord is a simple bridge built as a WordPress plugin, then where is WordPress? After all, XenLate requires a WordPress installation, too. Why not keep...
  2. LPH

    XenLate 1.1.3

    This is my first attempt at creating a XenForo 2 addon. It is a XenForo widget which will pull the latest posts or pages from a WordPress installation. This addon should not require a bridge but the authors of the blog posts ID and user_id should match. Options Set the absolute path Set the...
  3. LPH

    Blog Post XenWord Pro 2018 Development Thread

    This thread is for discussing the development of XenWord Pro 2018. This thread is not for posting bug reports. Please use the bug reports forum.