Month: June 2018

Two homes

Welcome to the new home for XenWord Pro

XenWord has been a labor of love for almost five years. Tux Reports housed the product but that project deals with many subjects unrelated to XenForo development.

This new home allows customers to see XenForo 2 and WordPress integration using XenWord Pro 2018 and it provides one area dedicated to XenForo development. This should make getting support much easier and less confusing for customers.

License holders should register for this site, then send a PM to @LPH and @Gracie.

Support documents are being rearranged based on feedback over the past few months.

Here is a coupon for June and July purchases. The coupon expires July 31, 2018.

It’s been years since offering coupons but after getting the new cart set up on the new site then it seemed appropriate. After all, installation of the new cart was very fast.


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