A goal of this site has been to share different ways to work with XenForo. I started working on a bridge between WordPress and XenForo about four years ago. Today, this bridge is installed on this site.

XenWord Pro 2018 allows login from WordPress or XenForo using the XenForo username and password. WordPress widgets are included for login, community statistics, featured threads, and latest threads.

Installation time was less than 5 minutes. This isn’t typical but due to my comfort with the options. The latest version, though, is much easier to install due to new conditionals for making sure the

The thread view count is 3428

Posted by LPH

I am a neophyte developer wanting to share my experiences. My time is devoted to learning to teach physics. This means any plugin is only being updated during breaks. Please do not make any new purchases. Lifetime license holders will continue to have access to newly released versions.

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Mehmet Kaban
5 years ago

Thank You 🙂