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XF Users Login Widget Links incorrect


New member

I found, that Users login widget Facebook, Twitter and Google login links are incorrect.

When you try to login with facebook from wordpress widget, it will direct you to ....../register/facebook?reg=1 but proper is .............../register/connected-accounts/facebook/?setup=1


Flight Director
Staff member
Thank you. I just tinkered with the code on this site to get Twitter registration and login to work.

Here is the proper code in the /Widgets/Users/Login.php lines 143-147

if ( $this->options['use_twitter'] == '1' ) {
     echo '<br /><a class="xenword_twitterLogin" href="'
     . \XF::app()->router()->buildLink( 'canonical:register/connected-accounts/twitter/?setup=1' )
     . '"><span>Login with Twitter</span></a>';
I have not played with the other connected accounts.