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Howto Work with XenWord Pro

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XenWord installation is a simple bridge. It's designed to be simple. It is not designed as an upload, activate, and play bridge. It's vital to test this bridge locally and become familiar with the settings. Failure to not work locally is not a reason to complain.

You need to convince yourself that the bridge works in the default manner (default WP, XF, and XW settings). It'll help your emotional state when something isn't happening as you desire. It can be frustrating when you go in circles only to realize you're the problem. Speaking for myself, it's embarrassing when I blame someone else only to realize it's me. It's okay. It happens.

Set up a local MAMP or XAMP server.
Install WP and XF with one account only.
Login to WP dashboard
Install XenWord.
Activate XenWord.
Change Absolute Path
Enable XenWord
Go to Widgets and add login widget
Go to the site, log in and out.

This should work at this point. Does it? If yes, proceed.

Go to XenForo admin.
Create Secondary User Groups (WordPress admin, WordPress editor, WordPress Author, WordPress Contributor)
Create a new user
Assign WordPress admin as a secondary user role
Go to XenWord settings in WP Dashboard
Go to Advanced User Mapping
Set WordPress Admin as admin, etc
Login as newly created XF user through the widget

The WP dashboard should be available. Is it? If yes, proceed.

Complete a test post.
Choose the checkbox for creating a thread
Choose the forum from the drop-down.
Visit the post

Is the discussion link available? If yes, proceed.

Now that you've convinced yourself that this works, consider all of the settings in XenWord and one at a time go through them.

The final step is to go live. Do this only after you've done the above. Failure to go through these steps can add countless hours of frustration.

On your live site, align the User ID for the admin
Activate XenWord (change the absolute path, etc)
Follow the above steps done locally on your live site.

Where are there differences?
Subdomain configurations require usernames to be placed in the XenWord settings before activation.

What happens if something goes wrong on a live site? Return to your local environment and try to recreate it. Check the guides and watch the videos.

Sometimes my programming is the issue. Sometimes it's a different interpretation of what is expected. Sometimes it's something very obvious.

If you can't figure out the issue then, by all means, post in the support forums. Above all, almost a thousand sites use this bridge, it works. Convince yourself.
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