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Frequently Asked Pre-Sales Questions

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Can I install XenWord when XenForo and WordPress are on different domains?
No. Sorry. This configuration does not work. The bridge uses an absolute path to link XenForo and WordPress and cookies for authentication. Cookies are limited to the same domain.

Can I continue to use WordPress user information after installing XenWord?
Some information is still being used; however, XenForo database is the 'master' database. All logins are redirected to XenForo. There is a login widget to help.

Does this script support WordPress in a subdomain configuration?
Yes. Administrator accounts must be added to the XenWord Settings Panel. Support is limited.

Does this script support WordPress in a multisite configuration?
Yes. Settings must be saved for each active blog on the network. Support is limited.

Does this script support XYZ language?
This depends upon your skill level. Some customers throughout the years have been creating their own language files for the plugin.

Can I reply to comments in the WordPress admin panel?
Yes. The latest version of XenWord supports this feature.

Do I need to keep the link in the footer?
This depends on your purchase:
1. If you bought the branded version then you must keep the link or buy the unbranded version for an additional $50.
2. If you bought the unbranded version then please use the menu option in the WordPress plugin panel to tick that you do not want the link.

Do you do custom work?
No. You should contact an expert but do not release this plugin into the wild. Ask the developer to only keep copies for development. If the developer does anything interesting then please let me know and I might help pay for it so that we can incorporate it into the script.
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