Beginners Debug Mode


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As early as the 1800s, engineers and inventors used the term bug to describe problems in a system. No matter how far you go as a developer, something is going to go wrong with your code. It's best to find these issues before handing over your work to a client or to the community. If you use PhpStorm then you can do a code inspection to help you find potential problems; however, enabling debug mode is also helpful.

Open your site/src/config.php file and add the following to the bottom of the file.

$config['debug'] = true;

According to the manual, enabling debug mode provides "access [to] certain development tools in the Admin CP (such as creating routes, permissions, admin navigation etc.) and it will also enable an output at the bottom of every page which details how long the page took to process, how many queries were executed to render the page and how much memory was used."

Never enable debug mode on a production site.