XenWord Developer License

XenWord Developer License 2024-02-12

Release date
Last update
Initial support
12 months
Renewal price

Feature summary

  • Cookie-based login to WordPress using a XenForo user account.
  • A thread is created for select WordPress posts.
  • WordPress comments are copied to XenForo 2
  • XenForo 2 replies are posted to WordPress
  • A few widgets are available to help integrate WordPress and XenForo.

Product details

Are you a website developer wanting early access to XenWord or maybe you are developing websites for clients who wish to bridge WordPress and XenForo? The developer license may be for you.

  • A one year license
  • Early access to all alphas, betas, and stable releases
  • Up to five installations for no extra charge
  • Right to remove branding
  • XenWord does not need to be removed at the end of the license period
An active license is at Tux Reports Network discretion. Discounts are available to developers providing constant feedback as well as bug fixes.

  1. Align XenForo user_ID and WordPress ID alignment before installing XenWord.
  2. Upload the zip file through the Plugins --> Add New in the WordPress admin area and do not install XenWord using sFTP
  3. Activate the plugin
  4. Add the absolute path and save
  5. Enable the XenForo switch and save
  6. Enable user mapping
Website Developer
A website developer is an individual providing a service to at least one client. If you only have one client then it may be easier to have the client purchase the bridge and you install it. Alternatively, consider the XenWord annual license. Freelance developers may wish to make arrangements prior to the purchase of this product so we can work out something easier on the wallet.
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