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[What Works] New Install Info [Oct 3rd, 2019]

Jonathan Long

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I did a fresh XenWord install last night and I wanted to drop a quick note to highlight what works as of now with the newest WordPress version.

I am running WordPress 5.2.3, which is currently the latest release.

I tried to install the newest XenWord available (2019.05.03) but it would not pull over new forum members. ID's were aligned properly, everything was fine. Then I saw a post @betsportslive made addressing XenWord not pulling new users after a fresh install as well. Their suggestion:

in src/Includes/Members/Login.php

in Line 60 need add this row:
( new Options() )->checkMemberOptions( $wp_role );

...doesn't work on version 2019.05.03...tried everything and couldn't figure it out. Spent several hours digging. Nothing.

Started fresh again, but this time I installed XenWord version 2018.07.13 and out of the box it again would not pull new members into the WordPress users....added the line mentioned above and it worked.

Just thought I would share this info in here for those coming here that encounter the same issue with a fresh install.

As of right now, XenWord version 2018.07.13 will work with the latest WordPress version 5.2.3 as long as you add that line of code.

Special thanks to @betsportslive -- I wish I saw the post earlier last night. I would have saved myself a few hours! ;)


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Hey :)

I use Xenforo 2.1.2, Xenword 2019.05.03 and Wordpress 5.2.3 - everything is ok. Users from Xenforo added to Wordpress site. No problem

P.S. Shame on you, LPH :p.
We fixing your shitcode