XenWord Pro Lifetime License 2022.01.08 released

This version is optimize for PHP 8.x and XF 2.2+. Do NOT attempt to use it with PHP versions below 8 or XF 2.2. This is a huge update with new features. The Redux Framework will be the next update.

( 32 ) 2022.1.7 - January 7, 2022
Tested with PHP 8.1, WP 5.9 Beta 4, and XF 2.2.8 Patch 1
Refactored Avatars.php to create method getSelection()
Lots of methods were cleaned up by removing unnecessary conditions in if statements.
Moved getAuthor to /Includes/Authors/Author.php
Removed duplicate thread code in Connector.php
Removed duplicate thread code in Admin\Thread.php
Method fn is deprecated; replaced code in several files with func
Bug Fix: Removed Feature Image posting in Forum when Link Only option is set
Removed $user statement in Thread.php
Removed $post statement in Banned.php
Created \Includes\Threads\Content.php to separate out building XF Post from WP Post
Added Prefixes option
Rearranged the XenWord Options Settings; moved featured image option into Thread Text
Changes to dirname code in loader.php files; use of levels.
Login logout change to str_contains in Redirects.php
Bug Fix:use_xenword_legacy option caused PHP error; use array_key_exists
Comments.php file rewritten to pull WP post meta rather than query of XF threads.
Added new metaboxes (2 files) to show below comment edit form. Can show, edit, or save a thread_id or origin.
Added Sticky thread option at time of thread creation.
Cleaned up code in the widgets


Flight Director
Staff member
Known issues:
The thread wide widget is showing posts which are hidden or not approved.
Redux Framework has moved to a new init file format

This code is running on this site and the main site: www.tuxreports.com


Flight Director
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On some servers (e.g., running XenLate), there may be an error :

Go to /src/Includes/Threads/Loader.php
Find Line 41, Change to

if( is_admin()) {
   $checkbox = get_post_meta( $post->ID, 'thread_checkbox', true );

   if ( $checkbox != 1 ) {
   new Insert();
   new Update();

A new zip file with this change is available for download.