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Working? No users being created.


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Tried 19-5-03 and 18-7-13. Fresh install. Users in Xenforo 2 are not being created in Wordpress 5.2.1. What am I doing incorrect? What step am I missing? Are you still offering paid install?


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Have same problem.
Wordpress 5.0.4 and Xenforo 2.1.1

In logs see here:
[28-May-2019 13:46:49 UTC] PHP Notice: Undefined index: use_xenword_legacy in /home/admin/web/domain.folder/public_html/wp-content/plugins/xenword-2019.05.03/src/Core/Connector.php on line 35


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I talked to several freelancers about fixing the plugin, but no one wants to do it.
Everyone says this plugin is crap.
Shame on you, LPH. You sell a plugin that does not work. You do not give technical support to your customers.

Shame. Worst support i have ever seen
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