Wordpress Widget: XF Most Viewed Threads & XF Latest Threads By Board


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Two feature requests.

1) What I am looking for is a widget showing the most viewed new threads created in the past xxx.

Ideally I want to have a list of the new threads created in say the past two weeks, ordered by most viewed, but also with the option to select the boards, as I have a range of boards on my forum, some hidden/private, some not appropriate to show new threads from, etc.

2) A widget that shows the latest threads with the option to select the boards included.

I'm unable to use the current Xenword widgets for the above reason mentioned, that being I can't select the boards for which threads are shown. (Also, the look isn't appropriate so I could have to do a lot of custom CSS to get it looking right.)

P.S. You may want to lower the amount of tags new threads require here, 10 is a bit much!
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