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Required Information in All Bug Reports

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If you believe you've discovered a bug then it's very important that you post as much information as possible. Images, Settings, Plugins, and details on how to create this bug are vital to being able to find the bug and fix it. If you can do a screencast then that is even better. It is never enough to simply state something isn't working. This just leads to a wild goose chase.

Please complete the following information. You may add or remove any questions you feel will help clarify your specific situation.

WordPress version:
XenForo version:
XenWord version:

What WordPress plugins do you have active?

What happens when these WordPress plugins are not active?

What WordPress theme are you using?

What are the XenWord Pro settings for the section you are describing?

To the best of your abilities please describe the specific problem you are experiencing:

How can this be repeated ?

Have you looked at the PHP code ?

Please do not submit a bug report if you have not actually verified this is a bug. Instead, please use the support forums for help.
Not open for further replies.