Circling Back to XenWord


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I used this addon but switched to another one because, honestly, it was simpler to set up. They are shutting it down so now I am looking again at this but have questions as it has been a number of years... With XenWord, can you:

1) Have a single Sign-on using Xenforo as the registration system?
2) Ability to select a XF thread when posting a WP article?
3) Ability to comment on an article and have it sync with the XF thread, and vice-versa?
4) Has it gotten any easier to set up? Having to go into the db and map users was a pain.


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Hi Steve

Mapping users is painful. Personally, I deleted all the WP users in the database and kept the authors, contributors, administrators.

1. Yes. XenForo remains the base.
2. No. In the XF 1, I was able to do this but haven’t tried with the XF2. Yes. This works.
3. Absolutely. That’s the original idea for the bridge 8 years ago.
4. I tend to keep with the defaults then enable user mapping. Otherwise, the options are there because people wanted them.

The latest is there for everyone with the license. Were you using XF1 or XF2? Some work is probably already done.

Do you have a test server so that you aren’t live?