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    Post Sale Question: Can I sell and transfer my license?

    I would like to sell and transfer my license. Am I allowed to do this?
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    Xenword and Wordpress 5.01

    What is the link to TH Xpress?
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    'Create Edit or Thread' Selected Causes Publishing Error

    If I have the "Create Edit or Thread" selected and then "Publish", it hangs for minutes then errors out: Error 524 A timeout occurred Using Xenforo 2.0.11 with Xenword-2018.07 2.13 (no other plug-ins active)
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    Jetpack Issues

    Unless I disable Xenword (with NO other plugins installed), Jetpack will not continue past the first page to setup. No error, it just does not continue forward. Anyone else experiencing this? Using Xenforo v2.0.11 with Xenword-2018.07 2.1.
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    Congratulations! XenWord is installed and enabled.

    Using xenword-2018.06.12. Why does this message appear at the top of the index page after the latest update? Congratulations! XenWord is installed and enabled. Make sure you have aligned the XenForo user_id of an admin with a WordPress admin user ID You may login to your site using a XenForo...